Remote working is a popular business model today, since the fixed costs of maintaining an office and the additional expenses for employees commuting are simply not necessary in many online industries. A prime example is search engine optimisation, a field in which the entire service can be arranged and delivered without the need for workers to ever leave their desks.

For some this might be a scary thought, but in certain circumstances there are many benefits to working from home in an industry like that of SEO services. One crucial factor, for example, is the fact that employees need reliable access to appropriate hardware in order to do their work.

Dell laptops

Dell laptops are one of the most widely used solutions here, but why is this particular manufacturer preferred? We can start by taking a look at a few of the main advantages Dell has over their closest competitors when it comes to business laptops in general.

  • Reputation – Dell has one of the best reputations among all the leading PC and laptop brands. Consistently positive reviews from business users are a testament to the high standards the manufacturer has become known for.
  • Range – There are a wide range of business laptops available from Dell in their current range, and most models are categorised into a few distinct sub-brands including the extensive Latitude range and the more heavy-duty Precision workstations.
  • Long product life – Dell laptops are particularly known for their designs which are built to last. This is a fantastic advantage for businesses, as they can invest in laptops for their employees and typically have to spend very little on maintenance and replacements for a relatively long time.

For the SEO industry, it’s fair to say that the majority of necessary features in an employee-appropriate laptop will be the same or similar when compared to many other businesses. Generally, important points for business laptops include…

1) Battery life – For anyone working remotely, mobility is a great advantage, so a laptop that can run for a long time on a single charge can be beneficial.

2) Portability – By the same token, it will be easier for employees to move around or commute between home and the office with a lightweight, sensibly sized laptop.

3) Performance – Managing multiple tasks is often a requirement for workers, and time is always an important constraint, so a sluggish laptop isn’t an option.

In addition, there are also a few points that are particularly relevant for SEO workers who are based outside the office. Dell happens to be a great example of a brand that satisfies all of these criteria with their product offering.

4) Security – When managing SEO clients, including their personal and professional information, employees need to be diligent and responsible at all times when it comes to security. Dell laptops are known for including useful security software as standard and keeping their customers informed about best practices to keep data safe and confidential.

5) Reliability – As we mentioned above, Dell’s reputation for manufacturing laptops that stand the test of time is a great advantage for businesses. Employees working on SEO projects can’t afford for their work to be interrupted by PC maintenance and repair issues.

6) Compatibility – SEO workers will typically need to use a wide range of software in the course of their daily work. Their ability to do this will be determined at least in part by the operating system and capabilities of the laptop they usually use. The vast majority of Dell’s newest laptops have been optimised to run the latest edition of Windows 10 as seamlessly as possible, which provides a great platform for using almost all the top SEO tools on the market.