Web Design Trends for 2022

Web design in 2022

What does web design look like in 2022? To answer that question, we should look at some of the current web design trends. Here are some of the most popular:

Interactive Fonts

Interactive fonts are one of the most popular web design trends for 2022. They allow users to interact with text in various ways, including changing the colour, size, and style of the text. This can add extra interactivity to your website and make it more engaging for your users. It can also help to create a more unique and memorable website.

Being able to adjust fonts to suit your personal preference is also great for accessibility, allowing visually-impaired visitors to increase font size for example or colour-blind visitors to change the font to a colour that is easier to read.

Exaggerated Proportions

Exaggerated proportions involve using more prominent than normal images and other elements to create a more dramatic and eye-catching effect. This can be a great way to stand out from the competition and attract attention to your website. This trend is prevalent among e-commerce websites.


Microinteractions are another popular trend. They involve using small animations and interactions to engage users, request feedback and show the results of their actions. The overall goal is to inspire a pleasurable response to the website, which in turn encourages likes and shares.

Pattern Heavy Elements

Pattern heavy elements are also a common theme in 2022. They involve using patterns and textures to add interest and visual appeal to your website. This trend is prevalent among websites that want to create a more modern and stylish look.


Scrollytelling is another hit in the web design trends this year. It involves using long scrolling pages to tell a story or share information. The main difference is, the content is filled with interactive and graphical sections that break the content up into more manageable and memorable sections. It is a great way to communicate longer sections of information in an engaging and visually appealing way.

These are just a few web design trends that are popular in 2022. Keep these trends in mind when designing your website, and you’ll be sure to create a website that looks great and stands out from the competition.

The importance of web hosting for your SEO


When learning SEO, you’ll find that one of the many factors that can affect your ranking involves your web hosting. But the question is how, and what part of the hosting affects the SEO on your website? Knowing about the vagueness and updates on the ranking algorithms, it remains a mystery which factors profoundly affect the overall ranking. However, hosting is one of the many factors in SEO that many people tend to discuss. To clear some of the curiosity, we’ve outlined the different ways on how hosting impacts SEO.


If you’ve heard of Google Crawl, you know that these bots are designed to check and assess your website on a daily basis. Google will crawl your site at different times of the day, so it’s highly critical that your hosting is always up and running. If Google finds that your website is down, they can mark your site as ‘unreliable’ in their algorithm. Once you’re seen as unreliable, this will hugely affect your overall ranking. So it’s critical to find a web hosting provider that offers a 99% uptime. Although most hosting provider promises a 99% uptime, it’s work checking your hosting server from time to time. If you find that you’re getting a lot of downtime, it’s time to switch to a different provider to prevent any further damage to your rankings.

Page speed

Another way your hosting can impact your rankings is by your website’s loading time. Realistically, your website should load in less than 5 seconds. So if your site is slow on loading time, Google will deduct points on your ranking. The only way you can ensure your website loads faster is by signing up on a powerful server. You’ll have to find a hosting company that offers servers that are fast and reliable. Loading time may also depend on your hosting type. Shared servers can still be reliable. However, if hundreds of people share the server, this can affect your loading time. Customers on a private server are more likely to get the fastest loading time.

How to buy a battery replacement for your laptop


Laptop computers require a lot of power to run due to their portability. You may find that after using your laptop for a couple of years, the performance will start to decrease and eventually it may stop working. When this happens, you can easily replace your laptop battery with a new one to revive your laptop back. Don’t wait for the battery to die; instead, you should replace your laptop battery when you notice a difference in the overall performance. To find a battery replacement, follow our guidelines below.

Laptop model

The first step is to find out your laptop’s brand and model. Each laptop brand has its type of battery, so it’s important to find the exact model of your laptop. Usually, you can find the model number on the back of your laptop. You can also take out the battery from the compartment and see if it has a label on it. Another method is accessing the system information on your laptop which should provide you with your laptop model. As a last resort, you can use an online tool that will help you determine what battery you need for your laptop.

Look online

Once you have the laptop model and the correct battery model, you can start and search for battery replacement online. Most battery replacements can be purchased on the internet. You can use online shops such as Amazon or eBay. It’s essential to look for a brand new battery replacement and not a second-hand replacement. Once you found a match online, you should inspect and check the battery and see if it’s the same battery that you need. Look at the images carefully and check if the model numbers are the same. Once you have a thorough check and you can confirm it’s the exact battery replacement, then you can go ahead and make the purchase.

Technology Trends in 2021

virtual reality

As technology is advancing, more and more companies are developing tools and systems that help individuals and corporations alike. Here are some of the top technology trends for 2021.

5G Networks

More areas around the globe are witnessing the rise of 5G networks; this has encouraged a multitude of companies to manufacture and launch 5G-capable devices. The popularity surrounding 5G stems from the fact that it yields speeds that are exponentially faster than what 4G networks can yield. The forthcoming expansion of 5G is set to generate trillions in economic output and produce millions of jobs.


Small and large businesses are currently experiencing waves of cyberattacks. These attacks manifest in various forms, including IoT attacks, email phishing, and crypto-jacking. To stop more attacks from occurring, many businesses are investing heavily in cybersecurity agents, software, tools, and systems. Note that data breaches can lead to costly damages; thus, businesses would benefit from using technology that can detect and tackle cyber threats swiftly and effectively.



A growing number of individuals and organizations are taking advantage of blockchain technology. Though many people associate this technology with cryptocurrency, it is worth noting that it has other applications. Among other things, blockchain technology can be used to manage supply chains and store medical information. This technology is beneficial because it offers privacy and supports innovation.

Virtual Reality (VR)

The use of VR is projected to grow tremendously in the years to come. More companies are seeking to create VR-based gaming systems as well as training modules. VR has a wide range of uses. It can be used for entertainment, recruitment, medical therapy, and even professional development. It is also worth mentioning that both the hardware and software needed to support VR is improving, implying that the VR experience will become even more electrifying in the years to come.

A guide to buying a new laptop


If you’re looking to buy a new laptop, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider. Finding the right one is important to ensure its suitable for your needs. Laptops are also a big investment as they can cost hundreds of pounds. One of the first things to consider is to know what you’re going to use it for. You may be using it for gaming, work or video editing. To help you choose the right laptop, we’ve listed all the factors you’ll need to consider below.

Choosing a system

Laptops come with different systems. You can choose from Windows, Mac or Chrome. Choosing which to go for will depend on your preference or needs. Some people prefer the Mac system over windows, while others prefer a more straightforward programme such as Chrome. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. So, it’s essential to carry out thorough research on each system and decide which one works well for you.

Battery life

All laptops come with different battery life. If you’re using the device for long hours, you should consider a laptop with a battery that lasts for more than 10 hours. A good battery life is also ideal for users who often travel, especially when there isn’t always a socket available.



When choosing a laptop, you may also want to consider the brand. Look top brands as they are more likely to be reliable. Some of the best brands include Apple, Dell, Asus and HP.


Consider your budget and how much you’re willing to spend. Bear in mind that some brands are more expensive than others. For example, Apple laptops are premium priced, while other brands like HP and ASUS are more affordable.

Screen size

All laptop comes in different sizes. If you’re looking for portability and light in weight, we recommend a 12-inch screen as they usually weigh between 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. If you’re someone who leaves their laptop at home all day, it won’t hurt to go for a larger screen size. You can choose from 15 to 18 inches.

How to rank your website locally


Local ranking is ideal for targeting local customers in the area. Small local businesses can highly benefit from this type of SEO. Large firms who have stores located in different locations or targetting particular areas can also benefit from this. To start ranking locally, follow our tips below.

Page optimisation using locations

Google ranks a business online through their web pages. To rank locally, you can create a landing page for specific locations that your company wants to target. It’s important to have one page pointing to one location only. You can set up another page for a different location if you’re targeting other areas.

google my business

Google my business

One of the easiest ways to rank your business locally is by signing up to Google my business. It adds your business to the Google search engine, which makes it easy for Google to find where your business is located.

Add your address

Google identifies your location from your NAP information which stands for name, address and phone number. The NAP information should be listed on your website’s footer as this is where Google will try and obtain the information from.

Page services locations

As mentioned previously, having a page for specific areas can help your local ranking. It’s also important to optimise the page with area-specific keywords including the town name or your postal code. You can also increase your chance for local ranking by adding an embedded interactive map showing the specific location or using other keywords describing the area.


Increase your reviews

Did you know that reviews from your customers can also help your local ranking? Google will most likely favour a website if it contains numerous reviews from customers. You can build your review portfolio by asking your customers to write a review on Google about your services.

Organic vs. Paid Listings


In the battle for search engine supremacy, today’s digital marketing professionals have two key tools available to them that can raise their website’s ranking to new heights. The first, known as an organic search engine listing, requires no money but a great deal of time. The second option, a paid listing, requires a very little amount of time but a bit of financial investment. Both of these options have a number of benefits and drawbacks but, when used together, they can be a one-two punch that improves clicks, enhances conversion rates, and leads to a victory in the battle for ranking dominance.

Organic SEO Listings: Why They Excel in Today’s Online Marketplace

It might seem counter to conventional wisdom to note that organic listings are often considered far superior to their paid counterparts. There are actually a number of key reasons for this, however. The Internet has conditioned people to behave differently and to perceive things a bit differently than they did in earlier times. The first thing people have learned is that any company can pay to have their company listed at the top of a Google or Bing results page. The second thing they’ve learned is that search engine algorithms at Bing, Google, and Yahoo, generally return the most relevant sites for their query without much extra work.

For this reason, people are far more likely to click through to a website when presented with its unpaid listing. They perceive it to be more relevant, more trustworthy, and more worth their time and effort. Conversion rates are higher when customers arrive at a page via this way. Even so, it can take weeks or even months to leverage search engine optimisation techniques to get a site to the front of the line. That’s where a paid alternative becomes quite handy for today’s digital marketers.

Paying for Search Engine Listings and Accelerate a Website’s Rise

The goal of any SEO process, including choosing between the two types available, is to maximise a website’s reach and increase its audience rather quickly. That’s why many people do opt for a premium listing option on Google. While their website itself will still need to rise through the ranks organically, paying can place the site in the search engine sidebar, or at the top of all results, as a textual advertisement.

These advertisements resemble search results, and they’re eye-catching as an added bonus. Typically, paying for one will ensure that it has a slight background colour, a catchy tagline, and everything it needs to draw visitors in. They may be less likely to click these premium listings, but the click-through rate for is still higher than it would be for a website that’s relegated to pages two, three, or three hundred. That can build a lasting audience and, over time, that very audience can help the website’s non-paid listing land on the first page of keyword-targeted search results.

Good SEO Embraces Both Types for Excellent Results

As with everything in marketing, the right approach to SEO is to embrace a balanced technique that uses both premium listings and traditional page optimisation. By combining the two, businesses can increase their first-page visibility to new customers, while also indicating that they’re a trustworthy source as their website improves its position and lands on the first page of results.

By carefully picking and controlling the keywords, page taglines, and other key aspects of a sound search optimisation strategy, digital marketers can ensure long-term, sustainable rankings that boost their audience dramatically.

Serverless computing

A serverless computing means hosting providers can now provide a dedicated server on a cloud base. The cloud-based server is said to have many advantages including being able to execute a task without worrying about computer resources, virtual machines or the server itself. With these major benefits, it is expected to skyrocket in the current market. We’ll explain in details below the advantages that you can expect from a serverless computing.

The biggest players online including Google, Amazon and Microsoft are already offering their own cloud-based servers. Amazon was the first company to launch a serverless platform. Many other companies are now looking into launching this type of server as the market is expected to grow up to billions in the next five years.

The serverless will transform the way developer manage their software and how businesses can deliver their services through applications. An example of an application that is already being used is called the IoT applications which includes billions of end-devices that are using computer resources. This shows that server less will be most useful for mass adoption of technologies in the future.

Advantages of serverless


The cloud-based server is proven to have a better security benefit. It’s installed with an automatic scaling feature that can mitigate a risk and prevent an attack from a DDoS. It can also fight and prevent an attack from a malicious software.


With serverless, developers will no longer be managing and scaling servers which means businesses can now abandon the infrastructure administration and reduce their operational overhead.


With this type of service, you will only have to pay for your usage. For instance, you will only be charged for the functions that you actively use on a daily basis.


The serverless cloud allows for scalability. It can automatically scale up or down depending on the amount of traffic.

Poor SEO Techniques


The competition to rank in Google have increased dramatically, and it will be growing every year. In the SEO world, companies can either choose to apply fair or unfair practices for ranking a website.In the SEO world, they use the term black hat for unfair practices and white hat for fair practices. Google have established a rule and guideline for ranking on their search engine and many SEO companies today still go against their rule. Applying unfair practices may help you in the short term, however, it can potentially damage your website in the longer run.

Paid Links

Link building is one of the most effective technique in SEO. Although link building can be time-consuming, it can still help your website to rank highly in the long term. Link building is also a technique that is supported by all search engines. However, a paid link building can lead to penalties.

Keyword stuffing

Applying too many keywords in your content will not help your website rank, in fact, Google may suspect your content as spam. Using the right amount of keyword in your content is more effective for ranking.

Link Farms

Link Farm is about adding links to your contents. If the links are inadequate and do not add any value to your website, Google can push your website lower in the rank and can even ban your whole site.

Duplicate Content

The technique is relatively simple. It means copying content from another website and claiming it as your own content. It also involves copying a section from another content and not adding a direct link to the source. This practice will lead to your website being penalised by Google.


Splogs are meaningless contents that contain a vast amount of hyperlinks. The whole content is filled with useless materials that are not worth reading. Google can de-index blogs or websites with splogs content.

Are Dell Laptops The Best Choice For Remote SEO Staff?

Home office

Remote working is a popular business model today, since the fixed costs of maintaining an office and the additional expenses for employees commuting are simply not necessary in many online industries. A prime example is search engine optimisation, a field in which the entire service can be arranged and delivered without the need for workers to ever leave their desks.

For some this might be a scary thought, but in certain circumstances there are many benefits to working from home in an industry like that of SEO services. One crucial factor, for example, is the fact that employees need reliable access to appropriate hardware in order to do their work.

Dell laptops

Dell laptops are one of the most widely used solutions here, but why is this particular manufacturer preferred? We can start by taking a look at a few of the main advantages Dell has over their closest competitors when it comes to business laptops in general.

  • Reputation – Dell has one of the best reputations among all the leading PC and laptop brands. Consistently positive reviews from business users are a testament to the high standards the manufacturer has become known for.
  • Range – There are a wide range of business laptops available from Dell in their current range, and most models are categorised into a few distinct sub-brands including the extensive Latitude range and the more heavy-duty Precision workstations.
  • Long product life – Dell laptops are particularly known for their designs which are built to last. This is a fantastic advantage for businesses, as they can invest in laptops for their employees and typically have to spend very little on maintenance and replacements for a relatively long time.

For the SEO industry, it’s fair to say that the majority of necessary features in an employee-appropriate laptop will be the same or similar when compared to many other businesses. Generally, important points for business laptops include…

1) Battery life – For anyone working remotely, mobility is a great advantage, so a laptop that can run for a long time on a single charge can be beneficial.

2) Portability – By the same token, it will be easier for employees to move around or commute between home and the office with a lightweight, sensibly sized laptop. (more…)