The competition to rank in Google have increased dramatically, and it will be growing every year. In the SEO world, companies can either choose to apply fair or unfair practices for ranking a website.In the SEO world, they use the term black hat for unfair practices and white hat for fair practices. Google have established a rule and guideline for ranking on their search engine and many SEO companies today still go against their rule. Applying unfair practices may help you in the short term, however, it can potentially damage your website in the longer run.

Paid Links

Link building is one of the most effective technique in SEO. Although link building can be time-consuming, it can still help your website to rank highly in the long term. Link building is also a technique that is supported by all search engines. However, a paid link building can lead to penalties.

Keyword stuffing

Applying too many keywords in your content will not help your website rank, in fact, Google may suspect your content as spam. Using the right amount of keyword in your content is more effective for ranking.

Link Farms

Link Farm is about adding links to your contents. If the links are inadequate and do not add any value to your website, Google can push your website lower in the rank and can even ban your whole site.

Duplicate Content

The technique is relatively simple. It means copying content from another website and claiming it as your own content. It also involves copying a section from another content and not adding a direct link to the source. This practice will lead to your website being penalised by Google.


Splogs are meaningless contents that contain a vast amount of hyperlinks. The whole content is filled with useless materials that are not worth reading. Google can de-index blogs or websites with splogs content.